only strangers sleep in her bed


Jewerly & Concept :

Jasmien Witvrouwen

Photography :

Olympe Tits

Bert Machielsen

Mua :

Liene Meneve


Killerqueen tells the story of broken girls who do everything to get a little attention. Back in 2018 when I made  this collection, Instagram and influencers were all over the place.  They took over the lives of many young girls.  That 'picture perfect life' was something they all wanted. It was sad to see.

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30 only strangers zilver_edited.jpg
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All identity disappeared. Every  unique thing about one another started to fade away.
No personalities, no weird or strange types that stand  out.  

Everyone was getting used to a monotone image in the streets.


Everything became the same. And I started to  miss characters. That one thing that makes you who you are.  

Uniformity. Imposed and devised by ... by whom exactly?  

                                                                                                                                                       Sad truth.

34 necklace verguld.jpg

I was deeply touched when I read an article in the newspapers about teenage girls who wanted  this life so badly, they got into prostitution to make money for the looks they wanted to create.


To be seen. 


To wear everything that the internet told them they needed to belong.


To be precious.


I was heartbroken, and  created a persona in this collection. That shows the emptiness, the brokenness. The lost feeling and all the dirt  that comes with this life(style).  

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