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The Happy Pills concept was born years ago, in a dark period of my life. With a lot of color and humor, I translated my frustrations into this little naughty pairs of asymmetric earrings.  It was my glam-way to survive ; creating a golden drug, for your daily dose of happiness.

I had a pill-case in my pocket, filled with earrings. For every moment I had my pair of naughtiness ready-to-wear.

Admit it : If you are in a shitty meeting and you are wearing a heart shaped earring with the quote 'Fuck them all', life looks a little brighter, no? Picture this ;  you are in a place filled with complaining people and you can't escape... with a price tag dangling in your ears saying 'The price will be high' you have an instant dose of fun yourself and all becomes relative.



Kinda like a talisman. Instead of giving you magic powers or only giving healing vibes, my Happy Pills whisperes little story’s in your ears during dull moments in your day, or make you laugh when you are in the middle of a converstion. 

They make you happy. Remind you of the bigger picture and catapult you in one second to a place you rather wanna be. A world you love.  A place where you can get lost, where you feel free. Naughty and wild. They're your instant ticket to your daydreams. 


The concept grew over the years and contains the original assymetric earrings, some necklaces, stud earrings, really cool signet rings and my signature "ear chains".


Do you have something in your life that doesn't goes well,and you want a personal happy pill to conquer the situation?  Call me!


Or do you just want your own talisman to celebrate life, cherish what you have and immortalize it in a timeless piece of jewelry? Reach out!


We'll meet over a nice cup of tea. I'll listen to your story and then the puppets in my head will start dancing. I spew quotes like a machine, and we laugh until we put together the ultimate set of Happy Pills for you.



At selective moments during the year you get the chance to mix up your own pair of earrings.

How does that works?


1.You choose a charm of our existing collection

2.You put in the text you like to be engraved

3.You pick the gemstone you like (7 stones available)

4.Six weeks later you receive your set of Happy Pills on the doorstep.

5.A happy you dan shine on!


That can be done! Send me an e-mail and we'll discuss all details you need.

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