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I got to admit something : I am a curious person. 

Letting my eyes go round in someone’s house or workspace, wandering around in anotherone's world, gives me a crazy energising vibe. I like the cosiness people can bring to the world. I like to catch the vibe of how others see things and live their version of this life.


I love the little things people have lying around. All those tittle talismen' that they treasure, that tell me a lot about who they are. How those small creatures of love do matter, and how I like to read in between lines.

Befor I start asking about your place, I will play a fair game and show you around in mine.

Ready for a pink ride?


Since I work from home it is important for me that every room gives me energy and has an uplifting vibe. Except for my bedroom. Thank God that there is one place where I can slow down and let my busy head come to rest.


I like to pick up things at the flea market or in 2nd hand stores. There is only one rule : in my work are colors, humor and a little naughty vibe my weapons to fillet any theme ; the same goes for my own living environment. 

Everything that makes me smile, has my sense of humour or is funny and colorful can get the chance to be placed in my home.



In my house there are a few rough brick walls. I collect miniature porcelain dolls, which me and my husband then hide in funny places in the holes of these walls. Every time you walk around the house you come across another joke, it doesn't all have to be so serious.


I have a little plexi box on my drawer in the living room. That is my very own little museum of curiosities. At the moment I display some viewmaster discs with funny stories of the Smurfs. A little sticker of 'King Kong TV'; an online cult magazine where I once worked for back in the good old days. Last year I went to the 'throwback-time night' of King Kong. The vibe of that evening, the freedom that was in the air when Chris (Van Camp) started to throw bananas around in the audience makes me smile every time I see that little sticker. I also have a small creature in there who poop's, that's a funny little thing I got from a friend who's not with us anymore. My HUG ME- ring is in there as well as a very little book 'Komt iemand bij de dokter', to remind me of what I've been trough and where I stand now. The little heart brooch in clay is one I got from a friend right after my heartattack. The card where she pinned it on says "Yay, you're still alive!" It's so funny that I cherish it with all my heart. What a really should add is the dvd 'Heima' by Sigur Ros, when I see this one it always makes me feel warm, makes me calm and quiet and therefore fills my heart with a lot of joy.



"If you steal my energy I will sue you!", and I really mean it! 

This earrings are my all-time favorites. They are 'Happy Pill' shaped, asymmetric and playful. This pair with the powerful statement quote in combination with the little pink mule, -with the funny 'made in Hong Kong on the sole'-, really represents who I am. They are perfect for me to wear and combine with all my other dangling naughtiness during weekdays and meetings.

When I go out, I prefer my big earchains with the 'Fuck them all'-hearts.


GIVES me energy ; dancing around naked when I am home alone, sketching in the sun with a glass of Sangria on a nice terrace, all things shiny and funny, a date with myself ; meaning that I am visiting a museum and after going for a bite with a lovely magazine or a philosophic book. Playing bass, going to concerts, enjoying life with my friends on my driveway in front of the house, photographing washing lines full of laundry, strolling trough fleamarkets or secondhand stores, cycling rounds around little chapels,..

STEALS my energy ; boxy thinkers, people who correct my typo's in whatsapp knowing that I have dyslexia, administration time, twosteps verifications, left and right with out using the L-trick, clocks, high heels where no sole can assure you you don't have pain after a dancing night.


True, I like to live my life to the fullest. Meaning that I like things bold and big and I am not afraid of a quote that tells you the truth.

Also in my job as a creative concept designer, I like to make the impossible possible. Do you want your businesscards to be eatable? Then I will make it happen!

You want a postcard in furry leather, let's do.

Life is too short to live it a boring way, whatever that means to you. My motto : Always be the playful pony of your own Disneyland, and never settle for less. 

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