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Happy Pills



The Happy Pills-collection is a concept created by Jasmien Witvrouwen.

When in a dark place in my life, i started to make these little earrings. It was my way to
survive; i translated my frustrations and my reality into metal.
With a lot of colour and humour, these earings became my golden drug.

Kinda like a tallisman. Instead of giving you magic powers or only giving healing vibes, my Happy Pills whisperes little story’s in your ears during dull moments in your day,
or make you laugh when you are in the middle of a a shitty converstion.

They make you smile. Reminds you of the bigger picture and catapult you in one second to
a place you rather wanna be. A world you love. A place where you can get lost, where you can
dance around naked. Where you feel free. Naughty and wild.
They're your instant ticket to your daydreams.

The concept grew over the years and contains the original assymetric earrings, some necklaces,
stud earrings (word confetti) and really cool signet rings.

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