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Expo : Rosie wants a dolphin at Salon Kronenburg

I am so happy to tell you guys that from now on my work is displayed at gallery 'Salon Kronenburg' in Antwerp. For this beautiful Salon I made a unique collection.


"Rosie is a wild woman. She parties all night. In her world there are no boundaries, no boxes. There is only freedom. Naughty words are written all over her face while she dances the night away. Long and sexy dangling earrings are her favorites. She collects vintage charms and funny little things from flea markets all over the world tot urn them into nice personalized pieces that tell her story. Life trough sunny glasses.

She lives in a small room with a breeze of patchouli, where walls are covered with pictures of kitschy dolphins. Every afternoon she listens to the same music over and over again. A record from a strange young man with a mysterious voice. No one told her he's from Montana."

This limited collection is specially made for the salon and contains unique pieces with romantic vintage charms, finished with witty quotes and beautiful Ruby stones.

Come and discover,

Every Sunday 1-6 pm.

Salon Kronenburg

Kronenburgstraat 21-23

2000 Antwerp


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