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    EN - Since the 1980s, Pierre et Gilles have epitomised a highly sophisticated art of portraiture, poised between photography and painting. With their images in sombre and joyful colours, inspired by art and popular culture, they recreate an enchantment for the world, aspiring to reconcile genres, ages, and styles. Under the scientific direction of Sophie Duplaix (Centre Pompidou, Paris) and featuring the writings of eminent specialists – Michel Poivert, Marc Donnadieu... -, this book, published to coincide with the exhibitions at Ixelles Museum (Brussels) and MuMa (Le Havre), sheds fresh light on the intricate and prolific work of this pair of artists who are at once impossible to classify or circumnavigate. 

    Pierre & Gilles - Sophie Duplaix,Michel Poivert,Marc Donnadi

    30,00 €Prijs
    • Afwerking: Hardback

      Aantal pagina's: 272

      Afmetingen: 260x225

      Verschijningsdatum: 14/02/2017

      EAN: 9782390250029

      Uitgever: Racine

      Druk: 2

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